Project designer: Deniz Gurses & Burak Basaran
Date of completion: in progress


➤ Based on MEGA type trailer frame
    ➥ Can be pulled by MEGA type pullers trucks
    ➥ Provides 294 cm above frame bed as usable height
    ➥ Up to 13.65 meters length

➤ Dual expanding design
    ➥ Provides more operational areas and positions
    ➥ Provides more comfortable operational areas
    ➥ Dedicated sections for equipment

➤ Three main operational areas
    ➥ Video Production
    ➥ Double row design, up to 12 operators
    ➥ Audio Production, up to 3 operators
    ➥ Engineering, up to 3 operators

➤ Fully Redundant dual Air-Conditioning System
    ➥ Independent redundant air-conditioning for equipment racks
    ➥ Independent redundant air-conditioning for operational areas
    ➥ Can cool down equipment while heating operational areas

➤ 5 x 42 RU racks in Engineering and 1 x 42 RU rack in Audio PCR
➤ 30 KVA 2+1 redundant UPS system
➤ Isolation transformers for shore power
➤ Motorized cable drums at the back of the coach with TP
➤ 4 heavy duty hydraulic jacks for stabilization
➤ Additional storage space on the skirts

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