“SRTEK has started its life in 2009 as an Broadcast Systems Integrator with keen focus on Professional Audio. Over time and after many projects the company has evolved from and Audio first type business model into Audo and Video solutions provider. With the recent change in the management we are more focused on providing solutions for Outside Broadcasting needs. This has led to building our own manufacturing plant for coach building.

SRTEK represents the new generation of Solution Providers; where our journey has started from designing systems and installing those on coaches made by others we are now designing systems and coaches to go hand in hand with each other. Then we do all our manufacturing in house to the exact standards we belive these vehicles need and deserve.

Our coaches are not representations of our egos as engineers, but small marvels that we have designed together with you and many of our friends in the broadcast and production fields.

Today SRTEK still carries several of its international brands as distributor for Turkey as well ass adding new and more relevant manufacturers to its new business direction.”