Satellite News Gathering – SNG
The most commonly applied solution for this vehicle size. Main focus is on the uplink capability of the vehicle thus prioritizes equipment and space for uplink related needs. May have a small production are so that it can be sent to productions that require two or three cameras top most.

Production VAN – PROD VAN
Less common than SNG, this style is focused on mostly non-live productions where multiple camera feeds need to be recorded for editing later. Internal space is dedicated for mainly camera control and ingest operators. Main application area is for shooting outdoor scenes of dramas and documentaries.

Designed from ground-up to be able to undertake both live and post production requirements. The MINI OBVAN has dedicated separate video and audio production rooms inside with sound insulation from each other. This radical design allows end user to handle live and post production activities without compromise on audio side just like an OBVAN based on a truck. The design improvements continue with integrated three phase alternator to the vehicle engine saving lots of space and reducing weight while delivering more power. Our unique design allows a total of 7 operator positions inside the vehicle. For more information >>

Our ALL-IN-ONE solution is actually our MINI OBVAN with uplink abilities. Thanks to our radical design and careful selection of generator and air conditioner we are able to fit TX antenna up to 150 cm diameter as well as a smaller air return antenna. Together with its existing production capabilities this vehicle allows you to send only two vehicles to a broadcast site. First on is the ALL-IN-ONE itself and the second one is for the crew. Our ALL-IN-ONE solution provides ground breaking cost performance ratio. Now you can spend more freely to what to put inside and still stay within your budget. For more information >>


For production requirements where our ALL-IN-ONE is close but not enough either in operator positions, equipment to fit or carry we switch to midi sized rigid truck frames that provide more usable volume and load capability. We have various versions of this size ranging from Broadcast only to ALL-IN-ONE with sizable cargo space and uplink antenna system. For more information >>

Our category for rigid truck frames that exceed 9 meters total length. This category also has various variants from dual side expanding coaches to non-expanding ALL-IN-ONE designs.


We have long been designing and building trailer type OBVANs. Over the years through the accumulated experiences of various live and post productions both our teams and our friends in the broadcast industry has experienced we had the opportunity to fine tune and evolve our designs as well as the experience we offer to our friends and customers in the industry.

Our MEGA series uses the relatively new MEGA trailer sizes that provide nearly 3 meters of usable height above the trailer frame bed. Our usual approach for this size is having expansions on both side of the vehicle which effectively provides more than double the usable space compared to the OBVAN’s road mode.
This is a category that is nearly always custom designed for each end user’s special requirements. For more information >>


Good systems design requires not only good technical know-how and great deal of experience but also a good listening ear. We strive to understand our customers better and through this understanding we can provide them solutions that fit better, work better and cost better. We have a team that has completed projects from Eastern Europe to Far East, spanning subjects from news to live sports to asset management and to broadcast automation. We offer such expertise to reduce your risks in your future roadmap to any new technology or trend that may come up.

We follow an interactive design approach that puts you into its centre. The only person who will know your requirements best is actually you. With your goals in our mind we start shaping the solution concept and get back to you for your feedback. After couple of iterations we reach a design that fits to you like a glove.

As a team our foundation comes from systems integration. Whatever we design we are able to integrate it. A better expression might be, “whatever you need, we can integrate it”.