Vehicle Design:

Combining your needs and our expertise we design vehicles that are practical and versatile.

Normally every vehicle design is unique as it has to reflect the exact requirements of the team that will use it. However there is also the accumulated combined know how over the years that we and our end-users have learned through hard experience. Our design philosophy is to bring both together so that the vehicle you receive not only reflects your needs but also several best practices that are widely accepted by broadcast professionals in the international community.

System Design:

What makes a solution perfect is a good system design, and this is our core.

We started our broadcast careers as System Design and Integration engineers. Every day was and still is a learning period for us as technology never stops advancing. We have designed and built from simple cut edit stations all the way up to full scale station automations, MAMs, PAMs and other that are yet to emerge.

Coach Building:

This is the point we convert our designs into real objects. Well OBVANs in our case…

Coach building is not only a design challenge but also a manufacturing challenge. We need to create a vehicle that is robust, durable, easy to use, easy to maintain, fully ergonomic and also very good looking. We do all our manufacturing process in house to control all of these parameters and produce the results that will satisfy us and our end users. We can handle various coach sizes as our custom built factory allows all road legal sizes (also sizes that are way beyond road legal) to be placed in one of the manufacturing and assembly lines.


We do care about your loyal old vehicles as well. Who says they can’t serve you another 5 or 10 years more…

So many times broadcast technology changes faster than how your OBVAN ages. Sometimes it is ok just to remove all electronics and fit new technology inside. But many times this is quite the opposite. New Technology comes with its own operational requirements and there is no guarantee it can be covered with your previous coach layout or air conditioning system. It can be a case that your coach frame might be partially damaged or just leaks. We can perform from simple repairs to very advanced restructuring of the coach itself and can save you time and money by protecting your existing investment.