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Project designer: Deniz Gurses & Burak Basaran
Date of completion: in progress


➤ True ALL-IN-ONE design
    ➥ Video Room, Audio Room, Cargo Bay, TX and RX Antennas Generator inside

➤ Built on 11 meters to 12.5 meters rigid truck chassis.

➤ The coach itself is designed for extreme conditions
    ➥ Non-expanding, mechanically simple and more robust frame
    ➥ Can operate on non-even ground

➤ Extreme insulation against heat and sound

➤ 2+1 redundant air conditioning system
    ➥ Dedicated air conditioning for equipment racks
    ➥ Dedicated air conditioning for operational areas
    ➥ Shared air conditioning for both areas providing redundancy
    ➥ Can cool down equipment racks while heatin the operational areas

➤ Three separate areas
    ➥ Video Production/good for 5 + 3 operator positions
    ➥ Audio Production/good for 2 operator positions
    ➥ Cargo bay/total 9 cubic meters of space
    ➥ Independent access to and from outside
    ➥ Sliding doors for easy access between audio and video rooms

➤ Two sets of equipment racks
    ➥ 2 x 12 RU full depth (60 cm) suspended racks in Audio PCR
    ➥ 4 x 42 RU full depth (80 cm) racks in Engineering Room
    ➥ All racks have shock absorbing mounts
    ➥ Racks in Video PCR are enclosed for independent cooling

➤ 25 KVA 3 Phase Generator driven by vehicles engine

➤ 15 KVA 1+1 redundant UPS system

➤ Isolation transformers for shore power

➤ Motorized cable drums at the back of the coach with TP

➤ 4 heavy duty hydraulic jacks for stabilization

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