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Project designer: SRTEK
Date of completion: 2020

UZREPORT / Uzbekistan


Brand: Mercedes Benz
Model: Sprinter 516 CDI
Engine size: 2143 cm3
Engine Power: 120 kw
Max loaded weight: 5,000.00 kg
Color: White (Arctic RAL 9147)
Fuel type: Diesel (Euro 6 – AdBlue required)
Seat: 2 including the driver
Options included: PTO, PSM and RPM lock
Reason of choice:
– Good service network
– Very reliable engine and vehicle
– Extensive integration capabilities through PSM module
– PTO availability

Coach Layout

Thanks to relocation of generator function below the van chassis, we have repurposed the newly available space and enlarged the operations area inside the box. In our initial design we have created 2 partitions where engineering and video production are together and audio production area is separated. This design accommodates up to 8 operator seats at the max. As the design requires vehicle engine to be on when using internal generator, additional sound isolation has been implemented in the audio production area. The driver and side seats have been modified so they can turn 180 degrees to switch to production position.

Top view of the vehicle and layout

Side view of the vehicle

Front isometric view of the vehicle

Back isometric view of the vehicle

Since the equipment racks are pushed back, the interior of the operational area has been designed as the equipment loading area. The floor and walls up to table height are covered with woven PVC carpet for maximum durability.

Back Area

The back of the van has inner panels to prevent rain coming into the vehicle when the back doors are open. In addition to the panels, there is also a tent system to provide safe technical work to be done under rainy or sunny weather.

There are two steps, first one integrated with the rear bumper and the second one inside with a folding mechanism. These allow engineers to be able to work comfortably at the back of the vehicle.

Power System Solution

The power system in the OBVAN has been designed and implemented as to be fully compliant with IEC-60364-7-717 safety regulations.

The power system schematic of the OBVAN

The Vehicle will be powered by three phase 230 Volt 50 Hz AC power through shore power (Input 1 and Input 2) or internal generator (Input 3 – truck engine-alternator couple). The power termination panel at the back of the vehicle will provide the necessary power input terminals to connect shore power when necessary as described above.

Input 1 creates a TN power network and as protection system RCDs and RCBOs are used for power input and power output stage.

Input 2 passes the power through isolation transformer thus creates IT power network and as protection system Isolation Monitor is used.

Input 3 gets power from the internal generator and this also creates IT power network and as protection system Isolation Monitor is used.

Input 1 and Input 2 earth pins provide necessary earth connection for the vehicle. When using internal generator special earth connection kit provided by the vehicle must be connected to either input 1 or input 2 to provide the Protective Earth Connection.

There is a single 10 kVA Online UPS with three-phase input and single-phase output. To provide bypass capability to the UPS the single-phase UPS output is wired as three-phase to the rotary cam switch.

The power distribution panel is inside the OBVAN, on the right-side wall adjacent to the equipment racks (left side wall when looking from inside). All main circuit breakers, surge protection devices, fused circuit breakers, voltage and current meters will be housed in this panel. All power distribution to other equipment will branch out from this panel. All power outputs pass through a rated RCBO (16 Amps, 30 mA, 30 msec, fuse integrated residual current protection device) before connected to an outlet or device.

For technical power 10 of the UPS protected outputs are wired to MDUs (Mains Distribution Units with individual fast fuses for each outlet). Other outputs are either wired to non-fused outlets All the power cables excluding MDU to individual devices are silicone jacketed. This type of cable withstands 800 degrees Celsius over an hour thus reducing fire risk.

Internal Generator:

The Power Take Off Option in Mercedes truck series allow the engine power to be diverted to its alternate output when the truck is fully parked (hand-foot brake engaged; gear is set to empty position). The PSM system provides additional programming functions that further fine tune this application where the engine rpm can be set to the fixed value of 1600 RPM when in PTU mode thus enabling the three-phase alternator to generate constant 230 volts at 50 Hz. This design provides several advantages over traditional silencer boxed generator designs. First obvious advantage is recovered space both inside the van as well as on the roof for external radiator of the super silent generator design. Second advantage is increase in power generation as the selected 3 phase alternator generates 20 kVA AC power instead of the target 15 kVA of a super silent generator. Third advantage is removal of sound from inside the operations area. As the truck engine is positioned outside as well as the alternator the penetration of both sounds into the operations area has been severely eliminated compared to a super silenced generator that would sit behind the racks. Fourth is the reduced weight as this implementation saves roughly 150 kg compared to 15 KVA super silent generator.

Air-conditioning Solution

The air conditioning system is based on split compressor/inverter and air handling unit (AHU) type air conditioning device (Daikin Multi Split series 5kW main and 5 kW internal unit couple).One high capacity (18,000 BTU cooling capacity) main unit has been positioned inside the top wind shield above driver cab. The main unit powers one air handling unit that is positioned directly above the equipment racks.

Racks, monitor walls and furniture

There are two sets of equipment racks. The main set is located at the very back of the vehicle and will host nearly all Audio Video and Network equipment. The second set is in the audio room and positioned as an suspended rack providing necessary space for audio equipment and audio patch bays that has to be close to the audio operator.

The racks are made from aluminum to provide the lightest solution with correct load bearing capability.

The monitor walls system consists of three components; first component is the internal reinforcing frame, second component is special extruded aluminum sigma rails and third component is attachment plates that fix monitors to the sigma rails.

The operational furniture will be made from a combination of galvanized iron and plywood material. All plywood surfaces are covered with natural wood sheets and lacquered.

Walls, Ceiling and Floors

The Floors and walls up to desk height are covered with woven PVC carpet. This material has high resistance to scratches, decoloring as well as damages. Also, as this material is sized as 50 cm x 50 cm tiles recovering from damages require only replacing one tile.

The walls and the ceiling are covered by special wall / ceiling fabric from automotive industry.

Sound Isolation

The combination of special insulation material, Air Gaps and Plywood and carpet material for finishes creates proper sound insulation against external noise as well as lessening cross talk between the operational areas.

Lighting System

The interior lights are dimmable LED lights fed from main power distribution system. There are additional lights in each operational area as well as behind the racks that are powered from the main battery and DC power system of the OBVAN to provide temporary and emergency lighting.

Vehicle Stabilization

There are four hydraulic jacks to stabilize the vehicle. The control of these jacks is at the bottom of the passenger seat on the front room.


External Works:

Main Production Room

Audio Production



External Works

Video Production Area

Audio Production Area

Back TP

Power System

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