Project designer: SRTEK
Date of completion: 2017


➤ IndeDual expansions on both sides with a small off tube area on the front right.

➤ Equipment racks located on the very back, providing 168 U usable space

➤ Two room design seperating Audio and Video

➤ Airconditioning system below frame providing cooling from underfloor.

➤ Three room design with seperate Audio, Video and Technical rooms

➤ Cancelled 4th expansion and integrated the space into new Technical room as Equipment Racks area

➤ Dual – redundant air-conditioning systems dedicated to operational areas and equipment racks seperately.

➤ Three entry points into the coach

➤ Easy Access to the back of the equipment racks

➤ Rain protected entry on the Technical and Video PCR areas

➤ All vehicle floor at same height, no step up or down needed

➤ All lighting system with LED lights for low consumption

➤ Power system fully compliant to IEC 60364-7-717

➤ 5 x 45 RU racks in the Technical Room and additional 1 x 42 RU rack with 2 x 12 RU suspended rack in the Audio Conrol Room.

➤ All power and lighting cables with silicone jackets-extreme resistance against fire

➤ All Wall and floor covers are fire retardant materials with anti static and anti bacterial properties

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